Town of Hampden, MA


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                                          Frontline Apparatus 

Engine One- This 2012 KME Custom Pumper is our frontline "first-due" apparatus for structure fires and fire-alarm-sounding/investigation calls. Capable of seating 6 firefighters, this state-of-the-art engine carries 2,000 gallons of water, and a vast array of tools for multiple types of rescue situations.
Engine 2, a 2002 International/Central States 1250gpm/1000 gallon tank Engine, still in service today. This apparatus is used as a second-due engine for structural fires, and responds out of town for mutual aid calls if a surrounding town calls for an engine. This rig carries 5 personnel, 1,250 gallons of water, with extrication equipment, search-and-rescue gear, and much more. While not as new as Engine One, this engine continues to prove incredibly useful in our arsenal of fire protection equipment.
Tanker 1, a 1991 International/4 Guys 1000gpm/2500 gallon tanker, also able to pump, still in service today. This fire truck is called a tanker due to its capability of hauling a large amount of water, 2,500 gallons, to the fire scene from water sources, and carries with it a drop-tank, which can be deployed in seconds and acts as a portable water source from which to feed the pumper trucks for combatting fire.

Squad One- This mini-pumper/specialty vehicle is our "first-due" unit to respond tovehicle accidents, and carries one of the sets of extrication equipment used to remove trapped victims from automobiles. Squad One also rolls first to brush fire calls. During structure fire calls, this mini-pumper deploys to water sources in town, where it refills the tanker trucks when they are empty.

Car One- The fire department runs a Ford Explorer as an Incident Command vehicle, Chief Officer/Duty Officer vehicle, and multi-purpose unit. Car One carries medical supplies like the other front-line apparatus, as well as the gear necessary to handle mass-casualty incident triage.

Medic One- The Police Dept was kind enough to donate a used Ford Explorer which now serves as the Fire Department's medical "fly-car" at the Basic Life Support level. This vehicle carries all of the same equipment you would find in an ambulance staffed at the Basic Life Support level. 

Dodge Brush Pickup/Trailer- The fire department runs a Dodge pick-up truck with a portable water tank in the bed, for brush fires where more water is needed, or a pump-and-roll operation may be necessary. The Dodge also hauls the fire department trailer that contains the ice/water rescue equipment.

All of Hampden's firefighting/support apparatus are housed in one location, behind the Town Hall on North Rd. With the recent addition on the back of the station for Tanker 1, the firehouse continues its growth and service to the department and community.