Town of Hampden, MA


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                                                        FILES OF LIFE

Have an older member of the family you worry about? Someone who has illnesses or takes a lot of medications? Do they live alone? Would the EMT's be able to find out your loved ones' medical history, medications, and other important information when the time comes? Stop by the Fire Station during weekday business hours and inquire about a File of Life. It takes minutes to fill out but could save your loved ones' life if they were incapacitated and unable to relay life-saving medical information to us. Files of Life are free, and we have staff available to help fill them out. 

 Safety Tips for at Home, in the Car, on Your Bikes, and More!

                               Bicycle and Off-Road Vehicle Helmets


                                           Why pledge to wear a helmet?

A bicycle helmet is the best protection for riders of all ages. Wearing a helmet every time you ride a bicycle, dirtbike, snowmobile, or ATV is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself in case of a crash. Massachusetts law requires that those under the age of 13 wear a helmet.

                              There are good reasons to wear a helmet:

+Helmets reduce your risk of serious head or brain injury by nearly 90% if fitted properly and worn properly.

+97% of people killed in bicycle/recreational vehicle crashes nationwide were not wearing a helmet.

+Each year nationally, 40,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for head injuries sustained while riding bikes and recreational vehicles.

+In Massachusetts in 2010 there were 13 bicycle-related fatalities and 1,118 injuries.


Protect yourself. Pledge to wear a helmet every time you ride a bicycle or recreational vehicle. Parents can set an outstanding example by wearing their helmet every time they ride.

             For more information on bicycle safety, visit

                                       Electrical Safety in Your Home


Many fires reported in houses in Massachusetts last year were caused by electrical issues that could have been remedied by simple fixes. Take a minute out of your day to inspect your home for possible electrical hazards! Some of the easier hazards to spot are listed on the Home Electrical Safety Checklist shown below. Parents, use this as a learning opportunity with your children, and walk through the checklist together!