Town of Hampden, MA


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                  WE NEED YOU! 

Being a probationary firefighter requires a commitment of your time to train and to serve on emergencies. The probationary period lasts up to one year, during which probationary firefighters will be expected to complete the equivalent training of a Firefighter I, in basic firefighting and first aid. Beyond that time, we require attendance at the Monday night drills throughout the year. As an HFD firefighter, you will be expected to stay physically fit in order to perform demanding tasks.

Probationary Firefighters are issued HFD gear and all the required Personal Protective Equipment (turnout gear) to perform their duties and responsibilities.

During the probation process, new firefighters will respond to the station and are utilized as their skills and level of training allow. This enables you to get the first-hand experience and put your skills to work immediately. Probationary firefighters must complete their Firefighter 1 training in order to operate inside a structural fire.  Probationary firefighters will be trained to the Emergency Medical First Responder-level as well.

Probational firefighters are promoted to the rank of Firefighter when they have completed all required training as per current Standard Operating Guidelines and Department Policies, and can satisfactorily demonstrate firefighting and apparatus driving/pump operation skills.

For those probational firefighters who have already completed a State/National-approved EMT (or higher) training program and have Firefighter I/II or equivalent certification from a State, National, or military firefighting academy, the Chief of Department will determine the time in probation prior to transitioning to Firefighter status. 

Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters come from many backgrounds and careers. All, however, are united by a common goal: using their abilities to help the community in which they live.

In many areas of Massachusetts, Call and Volunteer Firefighters are the first line of defense when an emergency strikes, whether a home or outdoor fire, a motor vehicle accident, or a natural disaster. Volunteers are on call 24/7 to save lives and make a difference in critical situations.

Our Call/Volunteer Firefighters tell us that they value the volunteer experience: the camaraderie with their fellow volunteers, the opportunity to learn new skills, being members of a vitally important and successful team too! Most importantly, they understand how essential their services are to their neighbors and community.

These volunteers are fully trained and certified to manage a variety of emergencies: structure and wildland fires, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, hazardous materials emergencies, and more. Volunteers also perform rescue duties during natural disasters, technical rescues, water rescues, and a variety of other special circumstances. Volunteer firefighters receive ongoing training in the latest emergency response techniques and technology.